Big Sky Dog Training was established in 2004. Owner and operator, Marty Golden, is a certified canine trainer behavior specialist who received his education at Triple Crown Dog Academy just outside Austin, Texas. Marty's education allowed him to acquire hands on training with many different breeds of dogs and their owners. He was privileged enough to work one on one with some of the top trainers in the world, including Jessy Gabriel, Rob Dunn and Rody Best.

After graduating at the top of his
class, Marty earned the right to work
as an apprentice at Triple Crown Dog
Academy. This gave him the
opportunity to live at the academy for
another seven months working in the
gun dog department where his love for
the sport began.

In the fall of 2003, Marty returned
to Billings, Montana and established
Big Sky Dog Training Inc. For the next
four years, he worked rigorously with
owners and their dogs to modify
behavior and improve communication.

In 2007 Marty expanded his
business and built a boarding and
training facility  just outside the city of Billings. The training grounds are on ten acres and include a large pond with a 2,000 sq ft kennel building. This environment has given Marty the ability to focus more on each dogs individual needs as well as a fantastic location for owners to board their dogs while they are out of town.

" My Education combined with my hands on experience has given me the confidence to train at a high level.  Most importantly it's taught me to slow down and analyze a situation. When a dog is confused, don't be so quick to blame the dog"