Our facility is located on 10 acres. It has a large technical pond, 2 climate controlled kennel buildings with indoor/outdoor runs.  A 7,000 square foot indoor training arena to allow Marty to work with the dogs indoors when the weather doesn't permit.   The training grounds have been designed to take advantage of every square foot. The layout is specifically designed to mimic the natural environment that your gun dog will need in order to learn how to become a successful hunter.  The 9,000 square foot kennel yard is surrounded by 5 foot chain link fence and provides a safe area for your dog to run during group play.  Our outdoor kennels are facing north and are covered by an overhang to ensure your dog is protected from the elements when relaxing outside.  Because the property is meticulously maintained and has a large amount of open space, it's ideal for a fun, safe, and exciting place for your dog to run, play, and swim. Even if they are just here for boarding. 
Prep Room
Indoor Kennels
Interior kennel W/Access door

Kennel Yard
South Wing
East Wing
Exterior Kennels
Training Arena
Technical Ponds